Happy Caturday

You knew I’d make a Pixel post eventually!

Here’s how she wakes me up in the morning if I don’t have my door closed:

She’s getting kind of big…I don’t think I can call her a kitten anymore. Here’s her wishing the birds weren’t on the outside:

She’s a show off when the camera comes out:

If there was America’s Next Top Cat Model, Pixel would win:

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Thanks, Pixel

I needed a kitten interlude from the recent internet stupidity, so here you go. She likes to look over my shoulder as I do my research.

“Another bar graph, really? Those colors? Hey, did you correct for multiple testing?”

Maybe I should just let her take my general exam.

Kitty guest post!

I’m going to be running a couple of guest posts this week while I’m traveling for my speaking tour (you’re coming, right?). Since I’m away from Pixel, my usual source of cute kitten photos, you get a guest kitty. I’m staying with fellow SSA board member Brendan Murphy, and here he is with his adorable cat Europa:

This is my view as I edit slides for my presentation:

After Greta’s full out kitten cuteness assault and this, Crommunist is surely weeping somewhere.

Blackout and whiteout

This is an odd combination. While much of my usual internet distractions are shut down in protest of SOPA and PIPA, Seattle is also shut down because of the snow. School was canceled, bus routes are mostly down, and the streets are totally impenetrable. At first I was worried – how am I going to spend a snow day without reddit and Wikipedia?!

But then I remembered I have a kitten, and books, and video games. Right.

I’ve also been entertaining myself by watching all the people who are building snowmen or sledding down my street. So has Pixel:

And here’s a gratuitous beauty shot:

If I believed in past lives…

I would say that Pixel was a dog in her previous one. As proof, I present a video of her fetching her favorite toy:

The part where I say “Ow” is where she decided to dig her claws into my leg before leaping off. Oh kitties.

The kitty castle

Because you guys were so kind with your support in my previous post, I decided I would share one of the Jennifer McCreight Movement’s events with you. My roommate got our kitten Pixel a kitty castle:

She kind of likes it. I’m a little wary that it puts her at eye level with me. If she wants to take a loving swat at my face, she should have to work at it.

As you may have noticed, Pixel is growing quickly. She’s only 6 months old, and she’s huge compared to when we got her. We’re wondering how big she’s ultimately going to get. We may have to change her name to Megapixel.

Lazy weekend

I was too consumed by food, cuddles, and Zelda to blog this weekend. I think I spend 90% of the time in my pajamas. Apparently Pixel is feeling similarly sleepy: