Comment Policy

Commenting is encouraged here, but there are some guidelines you must follow. Now, I will never ban someone for simply disagreeing with me – theists, conservatives, and IU alumni are more than welcome. I love encouraging discussion on my blog, and preaching to the choir isn’t as fun. I also tend to be fairly lax in regulating incredible displays of stupidity because I think they serve as fine examples of how not to act.

However, the depths of the internet sometimes drudge up vile characters that make Blag Hag less enjoyable to me and my readers. In order to keep the comments a place where all people feel comfortable, I reserve the right to moderate comments, including (but not limited to) those that are:

  • Spam
  • Hateful, abusive, or threatening
  • Trolling or thread derailing
  • Evangelizing or godbotting
  • Mindbogglingly stupid

Repeat offenders who have failed to demonstrate their ability to comment civilly will be banned.

Banished Commenters

  • DaveDodo007 – MRA with a persecution complex, thread derailing, hateful remarks
  • Ginx – Trolling, thread derailing, general obtuse assholery
  • wmdkitty – Misandry under the guise of being pro-choice, thread derailing
  • S Z – Thread derailing, nonsensical persecution complex
  • Quentin Close – Misogynistic troll
  • integralmath – Nonsensical, constant thread derailing using strawmen and hyperbole
  • Egoist Paul – Incessant, annoying boobquake-related harassment, after repeated warnings to stop.
  • Larry Meredith – Self labeled troll – lived up to the label
  • John D. – Misogynistic trolling, resulting in epic thread derailing
  • Wally Real – Thread derailing uber-libertarian troll
  • The Nasty Christian – General hatefulness, trolling, godbotting, misogyny and homophobia
  • Attendee – Promotion of unfounded and uncited misogynist lies under the guise of “rational discussion,” thread derailing, trolling, general pompous jackassery.
  • FeministtotheRescue – For constant thread derailing and general pompous jackassery
  • Gary Rumain – For excessive racism, homophobia, and trolling
  • Never Was An Arrow II – For trolling, thread derailing, godbotting, transphobic and homophobic comments, all with a nice patina of general stupidity.
  • David Mabus / DM / Nostradamus / Dennis Markuze – For incredibly devoted spamming and impressive levels of insanity. The reason I installed a nicer commenting platform (thanks!). Probably has caused me to ban most public IP addresses in Montreal.