Catch me on the radio tomorrow morning!

I know you’re all a bunch of godless heathens who have their Sunday mornings wide open, so you should tune into Atheist Talk tomorrow! I’ll be on with fellow Freethought Bloggers Greg Laden, Stephanie Zvan, and Brianne Bilyeu:

Listen to AM 950 KTNF this Sunday at 9 a.m. Central to hear Atheists Talk, produced by Minnesota Atheists. Stream live online. Call in to the studio at 952-946-6205, or send an e-mail to during the live show. If you miss the live show, listen to the podcast later.

The topic is blogging – does it make a difference, or is it just a giant internet circle jerk? It will be especially interesting because I’m going drinking tonight, and the show starts at what will feel like 7am my time. I might be extra loopy and caffeinated.


  1. smhlle says

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I think blogging makes a difference. (It strengthens my arguments when I can’t muster them myself.)

  2. Stevarious says

    9 AM in the morning?

    My Sunday morning might be wide open, but it tends to overflow with all kinds of sleeping.

  3. Azkyroth says

    That’s kind of a false dichotomy. It’s not like circle jerks can’t ever make a difference.

    I mean, what if they gave a war and instead everyone came?

  4. bandm says

    That’s a rash assumption! I still have church on a Sunday morning. They pay me to go, play 4 hymns plus a couple of extra bits, and I get to read atheist blogs during the sermon :P

  5. bm says

    ugg.. “live streaming not allowed in your state”.
    Guess I’ll have to listen to the podcast later.

    On topic, though.. blogging does make a difference. How many breaking news stories/issues have been brought forth by citizen bloggers? Many.

  6. says

    It would have been 7am here. I don’t get out of bed at 7am on a weekend unless my home is on fire, and even then I’d first ask how big the fire is.

  7. christophburschka says

    what if they gave a war and instead everyone came

    *shudder* Puns like this almost make me regret not believing in hell. :P

  8. TCSF says

    I think the work you and the others do, blogging, makes a huge difference. For those of us who no longer go to church, these blogs are a major way of connecting with our larger community. Not a week goes by that I don’t learn something interesting by reading atheist/skeptical blogs; I wish there were dozens more. My 2 cents…

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