Don’t forget to visit me in Chicago Saturday!

This is just a friendly reminder that I’ll be giving a talk about feminism, skepticism, and boobquake this Saturday in Chicago! It’s for Women Thinking Free (yes, WTF), and should be a load of fun. Especially since it’s in a pub. The Skepchicks have all the details over here.

You know how I know it’s going to be awesome? Because the sheer anticipation sent the organizer, Skepchick Elyse, into labor. Congrats on producing another skepchick, Elyse!


  1. Introbulus says

    Heh…when I first read this article’s name, I thought it said “Don’t Visit Chicago Saturday”. That was…completely the opposite of what I expected. ^^;

  2. the_Siliconopolitan says

    Please, there are no Skepchick babies. The prophet Dawkypoo (EBUH) is much disappointed in you.I’d love to come see you, but I’m afraid I’m washing my hair that day. (I think I may actually have verrrrrrrrry distant family in Illinois.)

  3. says

    If you come to talk in Burlington, Ontario (or maybe even Toronto), I would so be there (if I can get a sitter). You should go on tour!

  4. james says

    Well that is annoying. The one time that I am not within a 2 hour train ride of Chicago is when you are speaking there.

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