A drought of marriage

Mohan Yadav is 32. For five years now his family has been trying to find him a bride. Villagers say there are nearly 60 men like Mr Yadav who face the same crisis in the village.

“People refuse to get their daughter married to me saying there is a water crisis in my village and after marriage they would have to walk miles to fetch water. I want to get married,” says Mr Yadav. He wants the government to help. “Solution to the water problem is possible, if government makes a dam,” he adds.

India is going through worst water scarcity ever. Temperatures have already reached  a high of 40 C (104 F)  in March itself this year in many parts of the country including in my own town. Two to three months of blistering heat to survive before the arrival of rains in the form of monsoons.

If anyone is still denying climate change or global warming , I want them to spend this summer in India.


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  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    Do Mr. Yadav & his fellow five dozen involuntary bachelors now haul their own water, or have their mothers & sisters do it for them?

      • Pierce R. Butler says

        If carrying a few buckets of water, and sneering back at a bunch of slackers, were the only things required to escape years of celibacy, I for one would have beaten a track to the village well long before I reached Mohan Yadav’s present age.

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