Breitbart: We Represent American Values.

Breitbart is declaring a war on advertisers after various companies announced they’re jumping ship over the outlet’s controversial content, the Hollywood Reporter reports.

On Tuesday, Kellogg announced that it would no longer advertise with Breitbart since the site has come under fire for its racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, and Islamophobic commentary.

Kellogg is far from the only company to withdraw advertising from Breitbart, but it seems the Kellogg withdrawal really got up their collective nose.

Breitbart and some of its right-wing audience are now declaring a war on advertisers who are dropping the site. The site’s CEO Larry Solov said, “We’ll handle this the way we always do — war.”

Solov added, “What you’re seeing is Kellogg’s and others buying into a false, left-wing narrative that our 45 million readers are deplorables … Our readers are mainstream America and, frankly, that’s who these advertisers risk alienating. They’re creating economic censorship of conservative discourse. They say we don’t represent their values — but we represent American values.”

Mm hmmm. I’m American, and I can say with no uncertainty, you do not in any way represent my values. If you want to say you represent white supremacist American values, fine, can’t argue that one, but you don’t get to speak for every single person in this country. Not yet, anyway.

At least one blogger seemed to agree with Solov’s assessment. John Hinderaker wrote for that Frosted Flakes should be boycotted — much like Hamilton and Starbucks.

Hinderaker wrote, “I am not generally a fan of boycotts, but this, like so much else in our civic life, has been a one-way street. Executives at companies like Kellogg need to understand that ours is not a one-party state.”

No, American is not a one-party country. What you seem to miss is that freedom, and choice, is not a one way deal. No one ever gets as whiny and starts stamping their little feet like conservatives, when they are reminded that freedom of speech, choice, and freedom of action is not theirs alone – people who disagree with them get those things, too. Oh, they love their free speech until someone dares to criticize them, and then it’s awful, and those critics should be made to shut up. It’s all tears and war and threats whenever anyone dares to disagree:

He added, “A final observation: most cereal like Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops is consumed by children. Who has more children, liberals or conservatives? Right. Kellogg might want to start looking for a new CEO.”

People with a whole herd of sproggen already tend to buy the knock-offs of popular cereals, and as many conservatives embody the quality of the finest skinflints, I expect many of them do the same. People who have a smaller amount of children probably find it easier to indulge their sproggen with preferred brands in smaller boxes. Anyroad, I doubt this will be as simple a matter as you like. People can be oddly dedicated to breakfast cereals. As for Starbucks, you’re boycotting now? Really. Huh, last time I looked, droves of Trumpoids were buying at Starbucks, having the brilliant idear of giving their name as “Trump”, declaring that some sort of glorious victory over us lefties.

Perhaps they should add Apple to the list of companies to boycott, since the App Store officially removed the Breitbart News app last week.

:Laughs: That’s a splendid idea! All you cons, toss all your iPods, smartphones, and lovely Macs into the trash. Go on now, you know you can do without.

Via Raw Story.