Have a Rainbow

I hope you’re all having a great weekend. This was supposed to go up yesterday, but apparently my computer fucked up.We went to our friends yesterday for a traditional “St.Martin’s goose”, which was nice, especially as social events will go down again with Covid going through the roof in Germany. I’m anxiously waiting for my booster, because if we do one thing well, it is fucking shit up with bureaucracy. Doctors say “5 months after your second shot”, public vaccine clinics are allowed to give it to you after 5.5 months, doctors only after 6…

Thankfully my friends and family are all very sensible, so we’re meeting on an “as vaxxed as possible and tested” basis. That’s all I really want: meet a couple of people, but I guess that’s being jeopardized again by people who neeeeed to celebrate carnival with thousands of strangers in close proximity. Here I’m ranting again…

Finally, have a rainbow:

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  1. Ice Swimmer says

    A full double rainbow. Great catch!

    Also here, mostly unvaccinated people are catching covid at a mind-numbing rate. I personally feel quite safe, however. I use a mask in public transport and shops (in saunas, I try to avoid crowds* in the dressing room and showers and I do my cooling down outdoors) and I’ll be getting my flu shot in about a week and my second covid vaccine booster near the end of December.
    * = It’s more convenient to strip, dress or wash when you have enough room, anyway.

  2. Jazzlet says

    Beautiful! If one of the three houses is yours it seems right to me that it should have a rainbow over it, the centre of your creative and family life.

    I’m glad you got a chance to have a good time with friends, I hope your politicians act in a more timely manner than ours, I fear for the state of the NHS, which realy means I fear for the staff. The rates of assault on NHS staff are the highest they have ever been, mostly over things that shoudn’t be controverial like mask wearing, waiting outside if you arrive early for an appointment etc, but do go as far as the deluded who can barely breathe but are still convinced COVID is a myth and staff are trying to kill them whenn they need intubation or their equally deluded relatives.

  3. avalus says

    Oh I’ll rant with you!
    11.11. in Mainz. (for non-Germans: start of the carnival season in one of THE carnival centres)

    It was madness and I see the next wave coming like a tsunami. Drunk people without masks huddeled together …

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