The Art of …

… the nude, by Balthus

Balthasar Klossowski de Rola (February 29, 1908 – February 18, 2001), known as Balthus, was a Polish-French modern artist. He is known for his erotically charged images of pubescent girls, but also for the refined, dreamlike quality of his imagery. (wikiart)

I was looking at cat art when I found this, and the posture of the woman is so feline-like it spoke to me. Also, the cat is smiling.

Nu au Chat, 1949, Balthus. Image from Wikiart




  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Cat-like indeed.

    When I was younger, a pretty and sexy young woman could described colloquially as kissa (cat in Finnish) and there was even a short-lived lifestyle TV show (in the short-lived Moon TV cable channel) Kissat (Cats) hosted by three attractive young ladies (who are now probably in their forties).

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