In which Biden disappears 157 million women (give or take)

With great mourning I must inform all of you that president Biden has disappeared about 157 million women. I am very sorry. This has come as a surprise to many, probably especially my formerly female cis American friends who woke up this morning to a terrible wasteland in which ALL their rights have been destroyed and they themselves ceased to exist, going on a a loosely connected set of uterus and ovaries.

What has happened?

Evil trans cabal cultist Joe Biden has issued an Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation. The horrors! Protecting queer people, no matter them being gay or bi or trans or any combination from discrimination must be the end of all civilisation. The religious extremists are very shocked and upset, and by “religious extremists” I mean our dear “gender critical” friends, especially over on Terven Island.

Here’s the LGB alliance who tells you that an executive order forbidding discrimination based on sexual orientation is actually bad for gays and lesbians:

We are appalled by @potus’s executive order erasing the sex-based rights of women and girls. It deals a severe blow to women and girls in sport, prisons, rape shelters, hospitals etc and bans lesbians and gays from having our own spaces. We will help our US friends to oppose it.


Because we all know that’s exactly what happened in all those countries with similar regulations. The Irish Camogie teams are now just all the cis boys who didn’t make it in the Hurling team and are now allowed to beat all the cis girls up with the hurley. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s just because the international all powerful trans cabal suppresses the truth.


BTW, this is from an actual US right wing religious extremist. Do you spot the difference? Me neither.

..Normalizing transgenderism and pursuing public health policy of gender reassignment surgery in minors under 18 must not be allowed. Hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery’s are extremely dangerous to long term physical and mental health of children…

.As a former competitive athlete and a mother to a daughter who is a D1 collegiate athlete, I staunchly oppose biological males in girls/women’s sports, locker rooms, and bathrooms. This completely violates women’s rights in every way…

…I by no means judge others for their sexual choices and dearly love my friends who are gay. I love people but stand firmly in God’s truth, which is this. Whether you believe in Him or not, God loves ALL of us and created us in His image, male and female…

…This is why the left’s pursuit to cancel gender and erase who’s image they were created in, is completely evil.


Not to mention that by her own tweet god’s image is female AND male, but there’s hardly any difference now between the religious right and “gender critical” people. Oh, sure, many of them condemmed the worst of Trumps actions, but they also think that Biden doing the least thing to protect trans people from discrimination is kind of worse than  Trump raping women and having women thrown into concentration camps where non necessary hysterectomies were done to immigrant women. “Gender critical” people seem to think that the religious extremists are wrong on every single issue except trans people, yet they are also willing to sacrifice every single right if only they can hurt trans people.

It’s time they owned that shit, packed their bags and went to Mar a Lago.



Please, if there are any women left in the USA, give us a sign. We’ll send cookies.


  1. cartomancer says

    It’s very confusing, isn’t it?

    I recognised one of my probably-trans but definitely gender nonconforming students with a male pronoun today, and yet when the lesson was over I went downstairs and, lo and behold, my father still exists. Come to think of it, I’m still here too. Perhaps I didn’t pronoun hard enough?

  2. says

    You use PRONOUNS*?????

    *Their eternal confusion about what a pronoun is would be amusing, if those people didn’t cause so much pain

  3. Tethys says

    I’m erased? My g-daughters are currently making a lot of noise for non-existent beings.

    I am not surprised that the maga, Marjorie ‘word salad’ Taylor Green is a vile terf.

    She is a new rep from the deeply white supremacist state of Georgia. I’m hoping that once the plague policy is in place, and seating new cabinet, and finishing the impeachment is done, the magas who tried to impede get charged with sedition too.
    Sadly we can’t just throw the lying R side of congress out right now.

    Maybe the linguists should start clamoring for a return to the old days, when English has 24 pronouns. It would be fun to watch the magas try to wrap their heads around all the plural forms and three genders.

  4. says

    Biden also erased all black people by abolishing single-race bathrooms, single-race locker rooms, and even single-race sports teams! Clearly Biden must hate people of color: he isn’t fighting for “race-based rights” to separate but equal facilities!

    I find it utterly bizarre that anyone in the 21st century could take the core of Phyllis Schlafly’s ideology, that legalized sex-discrimination is somehow good for cis women, and call it “radical feminism.”

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