1. StevoR says

    Well that cover art rings some bells ..I mean butterscotch planets.

    Thinking about that that’d be one big load of butter from one even more masiev cow that would obvs jump muchmore than just our Moon.. ;-)

    Incidentally they missedtheangle wher etherings arestraight on and seem to disappear fromour persective this apparnetly geting Galileo Galilei to muse on whether the planet Saturn like the Roman god (Q’onoS, sorry that’s the Klingon spelling not the Greek Kronos) was eating its own kids..

  2. StevoR says

    ^ That’s :

    Incidentally, they missed the angle where the rings are straight on and seem to disappear from our persective thus apparently geting Galileo Galilei to muse ..

    For Clarity. Dóh! Mea culpa.Sorry.

    Also if only Galileo had realised Neptune which was then in or near the same field of view for him and noted in his sketches was what it was and not just a slowly shifting star ..Sigh..

    Imagine if people had been aware of and actively looking for other worlds long before Vilhelm Herschel saw that comet that had previously been logged as a star that turned out to be thef irst planet discovered by telescope.. ?

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