Jack’s Walk

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Jack is not a duck, nor is he Jesus, but he was walking on water today. Jack loves water. He loves the big water of the North Atlantic and the little water of ponds and puddles near home.  It seems he’s even attracted to water when it’s in its solid state. On our way around the trail this morning, Jack insisted on walking on the pond.

“Don’t worry, Mummy. The ice is strong, and I’ll pay attention to it. There are heaps of interesting smells here.”

It did look solid enough, but I thought I should test it, so I slowly made my way out to Jack, bouncing on the balls of my feet and making the occasional stomp. The ice was surprisingly robust at the edges of the pond, and it was also full of divots and craters. I have no idea what causes water to freeze in this manner, but it was interesting. It felt a bit like being on the surface of the moon. I mentioned this to Jack, and soon we were playing Star Trek Away Mission and laughing like little kids. It was a good day.



  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Definitely interesting smells.

    Maybe there has been on-and-off snowfall, and the ice has partially melted and refrozen a few times.

    No ice here. The sea has been getting colder, but the weather is still not winter weather. Next week, there should be a few days of proper frost. That may or may not get the sea to freeze near the coast. I wonder if I get to swim in a hole in the ice this winter. It would be so nice to have snow on the ground, frozen sea and clear water under the ice, now there is a lot of clay/mud from river Vantaa in the sea (the place I go swimming in isn’t far from the mouth of the river, a few km).

  2. voyager says

    That makes sense, Ice Swimmer
    Freezing followed by melting cycles has defined our winter here. It won’t stay cold for more than a few days at a time. I’m sorry to hear your swimming place is muddy. Winter just isn’t what it should be anymore.

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