Tummy Thursday: Around the World in 5 Courses

This year we had our traditional (a tradition means “at least twice”) New Years Eve dinner of five continents in five courses. The way we do it is that we draw continents and courses and then nobody knows who’s got which or what the others are bringing. This year we had the second main course and the Americas, so while I knew what I#d be serving, the guests brought their own. courses.

Let’s begin with the first starter: Asia, a salad

©Giliell, all rights reserved

Ruccola, persimmon, avocado and sesame. While I’m pretty sure that nobody in Asia ever created that dish it was delicious and a good light starter.

Second starter: Africa: Tunnesian pea meatballs and pastry filled with goat cheese and lime and two dips.

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The friend who made these is a professional cook and everything was delicious. The lime added freshness and it was a bit spicy, but not enough.


First main course: Oceania: Australian meat pies with peas

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Well, the concept was good. Unfortunately the friend who made them is a really bad cook. How bad you ask? well, she brought a bag of frozen peas and then asked me if I had any ideas what to do with them…

Second main course: Americas: Mexican tamales

©Giliell, all rights reserved

©Giliell, all rights reserved

Once with their protective corn husks, once without. No, you don’t eat the corn husks. Served with guacamole and refritos. They’ll get their own post in the future explaining how they’re done. They’re quite filling, which meant that we had some leftovers for the brunch next day.

Dessert: Europe: Scottish Cranachan 

Well, there are no pictures because we ate it all before we remembered. Although it’s dead simple: raspberries, cream, roasted oats, it is also extremely delicious.

Somehow in my thirties the focus of New Years Eve definitely shifted from alcohol to food…



  1. Jazzlet says

    It all looks good, the bad cooks pies look cute, it’s a shame they didn’t taste as good as they look! It’s a lovely idea too.

  2. voyager says

    What a fun tradition. The food all looks wonderful, even the meat pies that didn’t taste great. Maybe next year the bad cooks can get starters. It’s hard to mess a salad up.

    In my family we always had rabbit (Sorry, Giliell, but they were raised to be food) for New Years Day. It was my dad’s birthday and it was his favourite. Mom always made it with a sour cream gravy, Brussels sprouts, parsnips and mashed potatoes plus homemade apple donuts. I always enjoyed it, but I can’t make it myself. The dead rabbits look like rabbits and sometimes they look like cats and I’m too much of a softie to deal with it.(I would likely starve if I had to kill my own food.)

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