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Here are a few food safety tips for your pet over the holidays.

  •  Keep chocolate out of reach from your dog. It’s toxic to then.
  •  Keep alcohol out of reach of pets. I used to have a cat with a taste for brown cows.
  •  Limit table scraps. Too much rich food may cause diarrhea, gastric upset and potentially, pancreatitis.
  •  Give pet safe scraps only. White meat with no skin, unsalted and unbuttered veggies and plain white rice are good options.
  •  Don’t give your pet bones and mind the turkey carcass. Cooked bones can splinter easily and cause injury to teeth or gastric systems of both cats and dogs.
  •  Don’t let your pet eat raw dough. Yeast might still rise after ingestion or release fermented sugars, which can cause ethanol poisoning.
  •  Wash pans right away or put them out of reach of your pet.
  •  Don’t leave cookies and milk for Santa within your pet’s reach.  Leave Santa a note telling him where the treats are if he wants one.

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