Jack’s Walk

©voyager, all rights reserved

It was too hot at 9 am for Jack to go out. Our vet tells us that if the sidewalk is too hot for you to stand on then it’s too hot for your dog to go for a walk. And it was, so he didn’t. He’s been hiding out all day on the kitchen floor in front of the A/C vent. It’s his favorite place. It’s more or less in the center of the house and Jack can keep track of where we are. The floor is cool, the air is cool and it’s the place where we keep the food. C’est parfait, non? The photo today is of my neighbour’s lilies in the morning sun. Lilies are not one of my favourite flowers, but these guys shone their little hearts out for me so I took their picture.

©voyager, all rights reserved


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    One can sense the heat and the sun from the pictures, this is a posting that merits revisit in the dead of winter. I love the bud between the open flowers.

    As for the excessive heat, I feel for you and Jack. I wouldn’t enjoy it either.

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