Jack’s Walk

Happy Canada Day ©voyager, all rights reserved

Last year on Canada Day Jack and I celebrated our 100th Jack’s Walk. This Canada Day we’re celebrating walk #358 …and still counting. We had a lovely, slow walk around our little forest this morning and I would love to show you a picture from there, but I forgot to take my camera. It’s one of those days when I’m just glad I remembered shoes (I have been known to show up in slippers) and water for the dog. To make up for the lack forest, here is a photo of Jack and I on our front porch as we wish you our annual Canada Day greeting. I wonder how many walks we’ll be at by next July 1?


  1. voyager says

    How did I not know that song?
    Next year our annual greeting will definitely include music. Thanks!

  2. Nightjar says

    *waves* Hi voyager and Jack!

    Even when I’m not commenting much I always pop in for the Jack’s Walks, always looking forward to see what surprises the two of you have for us. Thank you and here’s to many more!

    (The petunias are indeed lovely.)

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