Jack’s Walk

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Well, we did get a bit of snow as predicted, but thankfully it didn’t last long. For the first time this winter, though, Jack didn’t seem too happy about it.  I think the boy might be getting tired of winter, too. He’s becoming impatient with the length of time it takes to get ready to go out. Coats and boots and mittens and scarves and Oh My, aren’t you ready yet Mom. The super slow pace is also getting to him. We tread very, very carefully now because there’s so much ice this year and it’s absolutely everywhere. I’ve fallen a few times this winter and even Jack has fallen twice. Both times his back legs slid out together and he landed on his hip. Both times he looked up at me and said WTF. Could it be that my winter dog is also yearning for green grass and warmer temps?


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Hard ice is nasty. This winter has been very icy and now there’s ice under fresh snow also here. I almost fell this morning coming from outside to the shopping centre in the Metro station. A bit of snow on the soles of my shoes and the smooth floor, which is still quite new almost had me on my ass or side.

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