1. rq says

    Gorgeouuuussss!!! The one on the right, I have that variety, too. I lurve that colour because it almost glows, like embers but more pink. :D
    The other two look familiar, too, but it’s harder to tell with the pinks and reds.

  2. says

    The pink one is off our monster rose bush, 10 feet tall and prolific. The red and orange varieties are shy little plants that produce one or two blooms at a time. Most of the pink blooms look like they’ve been attacked by a flame thrower but still give the bees something to eat.

  3. Nightjar says

    So pretty! My favourite is the one on the right too. I don’t have that variety, but I should try to get it somewhere.
    My sympathies on having to deal with summer heat of rose-burning level.

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