The End of Australian Spring

These are the last of the Australian spring flowers sent in by DavidinOz and that makes me a bit sad. It’s been a treat for me to have so many bright, happy flowers to work with during the short gloomy days of late Canadian autumn. In 2 days time it will officially be another winter to endure Up Here, but that also means that it’s another summer to enjoy Down Under and I’m hoping that David will have a chance to share some of the flora that grows in Australia during their hottest season. Hint, hint.

Thanks for spreading so much joy, David.

©David Brindley, all rights reserved

©David Brindley, all rights reserved

©David Brindley, all rights reserved

©David Brindley, all rights reserved


  1. Nightjar says

    Thanks, David! I can’t really complain about lack of flowers, but yours are different and so lovely to see.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    The first (amaryllis?), in red, is one of the Xmas flowers here, along with hyacinth and poinsettia (I’m allergic to the former and my mom is allergic to the latter).

    The purple ones in the penultimate picture are my favourites of these, but the amaryllises are also stylish.

  3. rq says

    (Is it just me, or is there a reason there’s no title to this post?)
    I love amaryllis flowers, in all colours -- I love their broad, juicy shapes, though I think if someone asked my favourite colour is the “traditional” bright red. But all colours, yes.
    Thank you for the flowers, this is nice to see this time of year!
    (Also, more roses, please… I will dig up some of my own, but they will not be seasonal.)

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