The White Kangaroos of Bordertown

This dose of extreme animal cuteness comes from David in Oz who says,

And now for something completely different, I give you the white kangaroos of Bordertown. ( 

Shot these pics a week ago, just in time to catch a joey with mum. Enjoy

Well, they certainly are something completely different and I can’t stop smiling at the photos. In the second to last picture it looks to me as if mama has heard a rude word and is gently covering her joey’s ears. Thanks for sharing, David.

©David Brindley, all rights reserved

©David Brindley, all rights reserved

©David Brindley, all rights reserved

©David Brindley, all rights reserved

©David Brindley, all rights reserved






  1. kestrel says

    These kangaroos are really beautiful. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and see them in their natural habitat… as well as many species of rainbow fishes… but it’s not going to happen so it’s extra gratifying to see these guys. Thanks!

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Kangaroos are always fascinating.

    I love the last picture for the cuteness, the first for the flexilbility and the ones in between for the cozyness.

  3. says

    We’ve got one white roo in our local zoo which was quite a surprise when ge first poked out his head.
    Though I noticed that the autofocus has serious problems with the white animal.

  4. DavidinOz says

    Giliell, true about the autofocus, but there were quite a few difficulties. I had been driving for 7 hours returning to Adelaide from Melbourne, by the time I arrived at Bordertown I was weary, and the zoo is not open, so I had to shoot these through a mesh wire fence that was too narrow for the lens to fit through. This also restricted where the light was coming from, and these are very shy animals. I had a couple of other photos of the more usual red kangaroos fighting, but it was impossible to focus so didn’t submit those.

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