Tummy Thursday: Applesauce

Admittedly, not the most exciting recipe, but it’s the time…

This year is the first one where we’re getting apples from our trees, or at least one tree. The whole thing looked quite ridiculously kitschy in summer, like my garden was trying to mock my disdain for people like Kincaid by throwing this at me.

Apple tree with white flowers underneath

Lovely, right? The pic doesn’t even get how violently bright everything was.
© Giliell

Now the apples are getting ripe and some are falling down, the ones not yet ripe enough to pass on to neighbours and family, so on Sunday I went to pic them up. I gave up when my basket was getting too heavy to lift and I wasn’t even halfway done. The next hour and half Mr and i spent together peeling and cutting apples and we reminded me of my grandparents, but in a good way. See, they were from a time where making your own preserves was a matter of survival, and even though those times were long gone during my childhood, they kept it up for as long as they could. And actually, the work was nice. It wasn’t very demanding physically or intellectually, but we were grounded to the kitchen table without any media and could just spend the time talking about this and that.


Peel and cut apples

Microwave with some cane sugar

Add cinamon

Bowl full of applesauce


Optional: Have a very nice neighbour who makes you potato pancakes.

small potato pancakes

She’s 89 years old, by the way.
The neighbour, not the pancakes.



  1. says

    Public service announcement everyone must know this: Apple sauce is one of the only foods that tastes more or less the same coming back up as it does going down. If you are vomiting and the dry heaves suck (and you need some sugar and moisture) try to get some apple sauce in you. It’s still not a great experience but it improves it dramatically.

    (I think I mentioned this over in Caine’s thread about nausea but it really bears repeating)

  2. voyager says

    My mom made potato pancakes often when I was young and we always had them with homemade applesauce. She called them Reibekuchen or if she added bacon they were called schnibbleskuchen.
    Thanks for the good advice.I hope you didn’t learn it the hard way.

  3. jazzlet says

    Yummy, that’s the applesauce and potato cakes, not Marcus’s interjection. I would probably have made the apple sauce plain and served with cinnamon suet dumplings cooked on top of the apple sauce.
    4oz flour, 2oz suet, 0.5tsp baking powder, 1tsp cinnamon, mixed together dry, then add enough water to make a soft dough, divide into walnut size lumps, cook on top of the apple sauce with a lid on for twenty minutes, flipping half way. I’d eat it plain, some would add custard.

    I’m stll eating some cinnamon apple butter that I made with the last apples we harvested from our Sheffield garden.

  4. kestrel says

    Microwave! That’s very clever! Normally I make it in a big pot over the stove.

    When I first saw the potato pancakes I thought they were cookies made from the applesauce. Because that would be good, too…

  5. says

    Reibekuchen is what they’re called in the Rhineland. Here they’re “Grumbeerkichelcher” (potato cakelets, Kartoffelküchlein) or just “Kiechelcher”. My grandpa called the “Datschekcher” from the Frenche “tartlette”.

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