Tree Tuesday

This week Tree Tuesday comes to us courtesy of Opus who took these photos on Mt. Batchelor near Bend, Oregon. The first shot shows just how windswept the location is with a tree that could only manage to grow in a single direction. The next two photos further demonstrate the harshness of the landscape in images of rock, scrub and the carcasses of long dead trees.  I find the set quite poignant, especially the last shot showing how the remains of a once proud giant breaks down to feed a whole new generation of trees. Thanks for sharing, Opus.

Mt. Batchelor, near Bend, Orgeon, ©Opus, all rights reserved

©Opus, all rights reserved

©Opus, all rights reserved



  1. says

    Beautiful pictures.
    I want to add that this tree habitus is typical for windswept areas, but it is not due to the winds being exceptionally strong for prolonged periods of time. That the trunk is straight up yet the branches point in the direction of prevailing wind means the winds main damage to the brachnes is dessication.

  2. Nightjar says

    Very interesting set. I love the first photo, I never saw anything like that. Poignant and beautiful.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    There’s a rugged beauty in the pictures.

    Hard life in the first, death in the second and new life from the death in the third. Poignant indeed.

  4. Onamission5 says

    Mt. Bachelor, no t. ;P

    Love the volcanic rock as well as the tree! Black and red cinder in addition to basalt, by my untrained eye.

  5. rq says

    Beautiful! I love the asymmetry of the trees (and thanks for the explanation, Charly!), the organic lines of the bleached white wood.

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