Itsy Bitsy and Very Lively

I dug out more spider pics, because, why not?

I have made these pictures last year, but I never got round to send them. These were one of the first macro shots I have made, when I still did not know what I am supposed to do (I still do not, but slightly less so).

This spider is slightly translucent and very small – that mesh is just a few mm across, it is the texturing on a sheet of extruded polystyrene that I have used to make thermally isolating covers for my sewage treatment facility.

I love the copper colour of the abdomen contrasting with the translucent green of the thorax and the legs. It looks like made from glass or gemstones and precious metal. Actually it could be a nice inspiration for a jewelery, if it were not a spider. But maybe there is a market for spider shaped jewelry?

I just could not get a good shot at its face. It was running around constantly and in all possible directions, not staying still for a moment. But I noticed that under certain angles its eyes seem to reflect light like cat’s and I managed to catch that on a few shots. Then I have let it scuttle away, taking care to put it in a place where I will not squish it.

©Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full size.


  1. kestrel says

    Wow -- that shot where the eyes are reflecting the light? That is incredible! The spider is really beautiful and would make a nice piece of jewelry, I agree.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Like very fine copper (slightly oxidised, but still shiny) and glass or gemstone indeed. The leg hairs are actually kind of human like, which I don’t find to be a bad thing, but reproducing those leg hairs in the jewelry version would be a challenge.

  3. Nightjar says

    The third photo is my favourite showing that cute little spider face! What a beautiful spider, I would gladly wear a piece of jewelry based on that colour combination and shape (but preferably without the leg hairs!).

  4. jazzlet says

    Jade for the thorax and legs, pale jade. Not for jewellery, it would be just too fragile, but for a decoratve piece like Faberge et al did, it’s beautiful Charly.

  5. voyager says

    Those shots are fabulous Charly, especially for a moving target!
    I would absolutely wear spider themed jewelry, especially if it was this pretty.

  6. jrkrideau says

    Nightjar is right, that third photo is fantastic. I don’t wear jewelry but a small bronze figure on the mantel sounds good.

  7. rq says

    It’s beautiful, I think you caught its face wonderfully. I’d wear a ring based on this, many times larger than life-size, a lovely flamboyant piece for the opera or theatre or whenever I feel like it!

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