Fire Rose.

Absolutely stunning rose, if this was in my garden, I’d be staring at it every day. From Nightjar: And here is the rose whose story I told in TNET 21. I love it so much, I find myself stopping to stare at it every time I go to that corner in the garden. Definitely click for full size!

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  1. kestrel says

    A glorious rose. Sooo beautiful… and what a delightful surprise! I hope it also smells wonderful?

  2. Nightjar says

    It has a nice scent, but it’s not very intense, certainly not the most fragrant rose in my garden. It ages in an interesting way, right now it’s all open and the orange tones have turned into a shade of magenta, still with yellow at the base of the petals. It’s not as striking now, but it’s still very unusual and there is another bud on it’s way!

  3. voyager says

    What gorgeous colour and your photos are spot on! I’m always glad when you share you pictures.

  4. Nightjar says

    Thank you so much, voyager! I really need to get around to photograph other two beautiful roses we have, the “black baccara” and the “black dragon” or “simsalabim” or whatever it is called. That last one is a really lovely rose too and was planted many years ago by my grandmother.

  5. says

    Ooooh, I’d love to see what those look like! That’s a truly lovely bit of living history you have, a rose planted by your grandmother and still growing and blossoming.

  6. Nightjar says

    Caine, I took some photos today, I will send them when I can. And yes, the history behind it makes that rose all the more special. It always blossoms abundantly, I think it likes the spot she chose for it, surprisingly: under the persimmon tree!

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