1. says


    That would have been my Cachet’s reaction, anyway. She loved water, couldn’t keep her out. (She was half Newfie). Beautiful photo, Voyager.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    I love the reflections and water is once again a fine element in a photo.

    kestrel & Caine

    Sounds like a fine approach to water.

    There wasn’t any ice visible any more today when I went swimming.

  3. says

    It looks like what’s called Red Willow here, actually an osier dogwood. The branches are a vivid, deep red in winter, and a bright green in Spring and Summer. In Lakota, the traditional tobacco blend is čhaŋšáša, and the inner bark is part of it.

  4. voyager says

    Nightjar and Caine thank you. I’ve only ever known the shrubs as dogwood, so that’s interesting.
    Ice Swimmer, Jack’s policy has always been to jump in if the water is open. Never mind the ice or cold. Sounds as if that might be your policy too.

  5. Nightjar says

    Thanks, Caine and voyager, I’d never heard of Red Willow before! It’s so gorgeous. I looked it up and saw some photos with snow, it really stands out.

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