1. trollofreason says

    I saw this last night. I found the craftsmanship portion captivating. When he was tuning the tater? That was amazing to me.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    I love woodwinds. If I ever start playing the ocarina, now I know where to get a domestic one. Also, surprising that a potato can be tuned and have a round, recorder-like sound.

    I think the puukko is a Partiopuukko/Scout’s knife by Marttiini. The shape of the handle (specifically the pommel*) is in Marttiini style.
    * = I’m not sure if that’s the right term. Swords can have pommels, but do knives have them?

  3. says

    Daggers can have pommels, but a pommel sits on the very top, and is often decorative. In medieval times, a ring pommel dagger was often favoured by women, as it could be easily attached to their zone (girdle).

    The pommel (Anglo-Norman pomel “little apple”[1]) is an enlarged fitting at the top of the handle.

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