What The Fuck Is The Art World?!

William Powhida, “What The Fuck Is The Art World” (2017), acrylic on paper mounted on aluminum, 55 by 44 inches, Postmasters Gallery (photo by the author for Hyperallergic). Click for full size.

Elisabeth Masé, Amerika. Give me a reason to love you series (2013–2017), watercolor, Katharina Maria Raab (photo by the author).

Thiago Martins de Melo, “Deus Cortado” (2016–2017), site-specific mixed media installation featuring painting, sculpture and stop-motion video, dimensions variable, GAMMA GALERÍA (photo by the author).

…I came to Untitled hoping the art would have caught up with the times, because the times hurt.

And, as far as fairs go, Untitled does address the strange and painful quality of the world we’re inhabiting. Another special project, Thiago Martins de Melo’s, “Deus Cortado” — which translates from Portuguese to “severed God” — is a striking, brutal installation and animation that portrays the harsh realities of colonialism in bright colors: the rape, torture, decimation of whole belief systems, and destruction of landscapes.


In between all the swaths of pleasant colors, plenty of work at Untitled addresses dystopia, the reclamation of history and identity, and the absurdity of an art market that tries to address these topics, and thankfully does so with a great sense of humor.

You can read and see much more about Untitled at Hyperallergic.


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    I’d love to see the first one reproduced and placed outside art galleries everywhere. These are all powerful pieces, wish I could see them in person.

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