A Nod To Lunacy.

Liz “Red Shoes” Crokin is at it again, and oh my. This is a descent into, well, I’m not altogether sure. This morning, PZ posted about a bit of conspiracy laden irrationality from a site called MAGA Pill, which Red Shoes is all excited about as well, because the Tiny Tyrant tweeted this nuttery, which according to her, is a confirmation of all things bugfuck. In a tweet (which can be seen at RWW), she wrote:

President Trump legitimizes Q anon & child sex trafficking! The storm is HERE!!

That left me nonplussed, because I had no idea of what Q anon might be, and of course, her method of writing could easily be taken another way altogether. She’s also quite prone to overusing emojis, which I can’t stand. I’m just going to excerpt a rather small amount here, because there’s only so much batshit I can cope with this early in the day. Or any other time of day. First, some clarification about the Q-anon business:

Crokin said that she had long suspected that an anonymous poster known only as “Q” who posts seemingly insider information about Trump and his administration on 4Chan forum boards may in fact be Trump himself and/or one of his high-ranking advisers. Those who follow Q’s posts are said to be “following the white rabbit” and Crokin excitedly claimed that Trump’s MAGA Pill tweet was confirmation of Q’s insider status and the accuracy of his information.

Ah well, what could possibly be more legitimate than 4Chan? FFS, this level of credulity is near to unbelievable. This is way beyond any sort of honest gullibility, this is the willful embrace of a terrible irrationality. To give an example, some of the ‘insider info’ includes assassination attempts. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure journalists would be jumping all over such a thing. Even if you posit a thorough hush hush cover up, does anyone honestly think that Trump would be capable of keeping his mouth shut? The man suffers from severe verbal and twitter diarrhea.

“Here is why this matters,” Crokin said. “I know for a fact that President Trump doesn’t just retweet random accounts. He vets all the people that he retweets, he vets websites that he retweets, he has his people look into these people, he has his people look into these accounts and their websites. There is absolutely no way in hell President Trump didn’t know that @MAGAPILL promotes the white rabbit, promotes Q, has been following Q. There is no way that President Trump didn’t know that MAGA Pill’s pinned tweet was a video of me—sorry, Hillary—talking about Hillary Clinton’s sex tape.”

“President Trump is very thorough,” she continued. “He is very sophisticated and he is very strategic and everything that he does has multiple meanings and he drops clues and messages and hidden messages all the time. That is how he operates, alright?

Holy shit. How does anyone willingly disconnect themselves so much from reality? Trump doesn’t vet a fucking thing. He wouldn’t have the slightest clue how to do that, not properly anyway. He also doesn’t know how to do one damn thing on the net; it’s long been disclosed that Melania does all the net trawling for what people might be saying about him, he doesn’t even know how to use e-mail. He knows how to tweet. On his phone. That’s it.

Thorough? Sophisticated? Strategic? :chokes on tea: Oh, I don’t think so. I’m afraid the Tiny Tyrant is none of those things, and reality based people are well aware of it. He’s a fuckin’ moron. A willfully ignorant one.

So I firmly believe President Trump retweeting @MAGAPILL was a nod to MAGA Pill, was a nod to myself, was a nod to literally all the people that go on 4Chan, all the people that have been following the white rabbit, all the people that have been talking about Q, all the people that have been exposing pedogate, Pizzagate, child sex-trafficking, Uranium One, you name it. This was a nod to us, this was a nod to this community, this was President Trump giving us a thumbs-up.”

My, my, my. No. The Tiny Tyrant is, at best, only marginally aware of the larger world, or what’s going on at any given time, if it’s not focused on himself. He tweeted that nonsense because he thought it was about his “accomplishments”, and he’s a sucker for that sort of thing, which has been confirmed over and over and over and over and over again. He’ll swallow any ineffable twaddle if someone labels it “Tiny Tyrant’s accomplishments”, of which, there have been none, unless you wish to count all the destruction he’s wrought. I suppose that’s an accomplishment.

“That was his way of letting us know that Q is real,” Crokin said, “and I also believe that this is his way of letting us know Pizzagate is real, the child sex-trafficking is real and, yeah, those disgusting sex tapes exist.”

There may well be sex tapes somewhere, and they may well concern the Tiny Tyrant. Is his behaviour not disgusting enough as it stands? I’m not exactly happy to have a rapist and serial sexual assaulter in office. The only pizza anything which is real is actual pizza, which is often delicious. It’s no secret that child sex trafficking is real, and that very little is done about it. As to claims that the Clintons are involved, all I have there is a somewhat despairing laugh, that idiots such as yourself are so invested in your beliefs.

This is obviously willful irrationality, but it’s running headlong into willful insanity, with the rush to openly embrace paranoia, delusions, and the most threadbare ‘connections’ in the attempt to create a massive platform of conspiracy. Politics is a dirty game, and that’s no secret either. There’s more than enough bad and fuck ups to go around, without creating this sort of lunacy, and welcoming it, as you plunge headlong down your rabbit hole.

There’s more at RWW, including video, if you so desire.


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