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    Something makes me think these were produced by pointing a telescope at the edge of The Sun. I’m not sure what kind of safety equipment one would use for that, and there’s a lot that could go wrong.

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    Étienne Léopold Trouvelot: “He is noted for the import and release of the Gypsy Moth into North America, the spread of the moths as an invasive species has resulted in the destruction of millions of hardwood trees throughout the Eastern United States.” As the article goes on to note, why he had imported them in the first place is unknown, as are his actions after the release (which seems to have been accidental).

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    Blf, yes, I know, that’s mentioned on an earlier post of his work. I did not include the link because it contains all his astronomy art. He was an amateur entomologist, but a professional astronomer and artist.

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    Marcus, apart from at a total eclipse, solar observation is best done with blocking discs, strong filters and back projection. You would just draw what you saw fleetingly on the paper screen.

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