I Have Seen The Moon [Draft].

A bit further on the draft, I’ll be able to replenish my paper stock soon, so work will start on the whole piece still residing in my head. Bad flash photography, I’ll get it outside tomorrow.

© C. Ford, all rights reserved.


  1. kestrel says

    Very cool. I love that guy down on the lower right… pretty sure I’ve run into him before. And for some reason the middle part has the phrase “valiant rat warriors” running through my head. :-D

  2. says

    Rick says there’s a two-headed bull, with an udder. And at least two birds in, vulture in the middle and something else on the right. And the lower right is a sea snake. :D

    I definitely see the tusked badger.

    Thanks for all the great comments, I love hearing what people see.

  3. says

    I am not sure what I see, but had I seen it yesterday evening, I would not have slept so soundly. That eerie shape in right lower corner gives me creeps like some Mariana trench deep fish ghost.

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    I think the tusked badger and the other being are dancing, wearing the same dress, surrounded by a deep-sea fish, a butterfly (wings together) and a crustacean.

  5. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin actually wants to apologise. Earlier, she said this was a “reggae-inspired diagonally-flipped copy [of] the sixty-fifth painting in van Mumble’s famous ninety-one paintings series […]”. After further full-immersion contemplation (albeit this time in a series of rather large Margaritas), she realises it’s not a “copy” insomuch as a “variant using the van Mumble as an attractor on its trajectory”. And, she opines, it needs more Munster; I assume she means the cheese rather than the Irish province, albeit both are so nice its difficult to tell. On the other hand, she’s just eaten all the cheese (she was going to send you some by trebuchet), so perhaps she does mean the province (or possibly the German city of Münster?).

  6. rq says

    A dancing tusked badger in a brightly-patterned dress -- I love it. And the sea creature, I don’t find it creepy, it’s just a curious prehistoric snake that can’t help being the size it is. And it has froggy eyes.

  7. says


    And the sea creature, I don’t find it creepy, it’s just a curious prehistoric snake that can’t help being the size it is. And it has froggy eyes.

    I don’t either, it looks downright friendly and inquisitive to me.

  8. says

    Here we see a recently discovered colony organism composed of cyanobacteria, coral, tube worms, and even some simple mollusks in a symbiotic relationship. Scientists have named it the Myers Rainbow. As this colorful mass drifts on a nutrient-rich current, it is approached by an eel. This species is rarely seen, but most sightings happen in close proximity to the colony organism. The reason for the eel’s attraction to the Myers Rainbow is unknown. It has never been seen feeding on the colony organism or receiving any other obvious benefit from its proximity. Perhaps the eel is simply drawn to the Rainbow’s stunning array of colors. For now, the relationship between these two rare denizens of the deep remains a tantalizing mystery.

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