Oh my, I’m A Dominican!

I’m also a Knight Templar! I took this twice, because I had a conflict when it came to movies and the awful phrases. Also, giving me a choice between sword, flower, and book is not fair. So, Dominican:

You would belong to them because you are an intellectual person that not only loves learning and studying, but, above all, transmitting the Truth to others.

And Knight Templar:

You belong to them because of your strength and great desire of conquest. You are willing to risk your own life for others and for your Faith.

Silly fun, go see where you’d be slotted in Medieval Times.


  1. blf says

    Knights Templar, but there was an unanswerable question, something about a saying I’d have on my wall. All of the sayings were disgusting religturd babble, and there was no “none of that crap” option. (Or, more accurately, “the wall is full of penguin-shaped holes so there’s no place to hang a picture”.)

    And the question about what to do on weekends was also falsely-answered, since the best-ish choice, “bugger all” (that is, “stay in bed”), didn’t exist; so I picked the answer seemingly-closest to “not wonder what the mildly deranged penguin is now up to”.

  2. says

    That dipstick’s polyester surcoat is wrong, and his sword is slung wrong, and no swordsman -- ever -- plants the tip in dirt. Worse, he’s not actually wearing any armor. Templar? More like “Shopping Mall Templar” …

    Back in my reenactor days there was a guy who used to play in full templar kit -- head to toe mail with reinforcement. He was 6’4″ to begin with and was usually wearing 60# of steel. He was impressive. That goober, not so much.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    According to the test, I’m a Franciscan, because I’m a simple, unattached person more than willing to serve others.

  4. says


    no swordsman — ever — plants the tip in dirt.

    Eh, not now, but it wasn’t uncommon in the way back. A common method of cleaning your sword or dagger of gore was plunging it into the ground, then wiping it on any available grass. Aaaaand, dude’s on rock, not dirt.

  5. johnson catman says

    I got to the “wall” question mentioned above by blf and saw they all had some religious babble and closed the quiz. Yeah, none of the above for me, and I wasn’t going to play along any more.

  6. DavidinOz says

    DAMN! I got Templar, which is a bit shitty since I am a life long pacifist.

    Just goers to show that these interweb quizzes are about as useful as psychoanalysis.

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