1. johnson catman says

    Brave little birdie!
    Charly, how close are you actually to the bird? Is that a windowsill or a wall?

  2. says

    @ johnson catman
    The last three pictures are on a windowsill. I was about 1-1,5 meter away, behind the window. On last two pictures he has actually noticed me and was for a moment trying to decide if what he sees is a threat or not.
    He has built a nest in a hollow under our roof just above that very window. And has spent whole spring and a good portion of the summer sitting on that windowsill and “ČIM-ČIM-ČIHIM” making noise. One day I snuck up on him and took pictures just after the little bugger has woken me up.
    I am going to fill in that hollow so he is forced to nest somewhere else. He has bullied the blue tits away.

  3. says

    He is small but fierce.

    @Raucous Indignation
    In US yes. Here they are native species and one that has been in decline in some areas.

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