Need Another Reason to Denounce Nazis?

Here you go:

SCOOP: “Weev”, the system administrator for The Daily Stormer is planning on sending Nazis to #HeatherHeyer funeral. #Charlottesville.

“Yo, I need some research done,” Weev wrote. “What’s the location of this fat skank’s funeral.”

“Get on it, e-sleuths,” he added. “I want to get people on the ground there.”

This is appalling and shocking behaviour. Have we all become so damned weary and jaded that this too, is normalised? We cannot let this be. We cannot dare to enter the silence of complicity. We must keep standing up, we must fight, we must yell back. This cannot become acceptable. This cannot become tolerable, in any way.

Via Raw Story.


  1. says

    Well, whenever I think that Nazis cannot be even more vile than I already think them to be, they prove me wrong. They really do not have a speck of dignity in them.

  2. Siobhan says

    There has been a call for bikers to form a blockade against the Nazis. I seriously want to see their bones break if they attend.

  3. says


    I seriously want to see their bones break if they attend.

    I’m good with that. Fuck, it’s unbelievable, seeing this unfold.

  4. Saad says

    Right on, Siobhan. I hope they get hurt physically.

    To the countless fainting spineless liberals in this country: They’re Nazis planning an attack at a funeral of a person they killed. Get a fucking clue.

  5. Desert Son, OM says


    Just checking in with some people I care about on another bad night, another in a long history of this country, this place of so many countries. It’s astonishingly beautiful here, and then so many in my demographic endeavor to spoil that. How weak to imagine that the beauty of this place—indeed, the planet—is somehow insufficient to accommodate multitudes in their commonality and their diversity.

    A certain “press conference” of appalling provenance and content desperately raced for a past it imagines as good. I’m sick-to-death of the time-travel fetishists, blind enough to the physics, even more so to the implication (and I say this as a great lover of fiction)! So many convinced that if they just got back to a previous era they actually would be emperor, each failing to realize they’d most likely be dead of malaria, or cholera, or tuberculosis, and then—even more egregiously—failing to account for all the occurrences of malaria, or cholera, or tuberculosis that still ravage us worldwide, ravage us in our cellular structure and ravage us in the pernicious pathogens of our psychology.

    I owe a “hello” to Chigau from way back in November of last year, with apologies that I did not return the greeting sooner (I have an . . . anxiety-ridden relationship with the Internet. It’s amazing, and also horrible, and I can’t seem to find a welcome sounding by which to navigate it). Chigau, if you happen by, I tender my best with supportive affection and pounce-hugs, if welcome.

    I also owe thanks to dakotagreasemonkey for kind words of encouragement, and in the reflections you referenced I must recognize and own my multiple privileges. I invoke “T’anké” in recognition of her compliment to me on occasion, and if I do so as appropriation, then I owe Caine—and you—abiding apology. And my skin color is only the beginning of my privilege. Yet I am extremely grateful for my older sister, whom I’ve never met in person, and whom I know to be amongst the most powerful of people, transformative in her power, and whom I am grateful to know, and honored to cheer.

    And in that privilege I return to the work: Fight Nazis, tonight, and tomorrow, and again, and again, until we truly reach “Never Again.”

    T’anké, I just wanted to say I love you and I hold in my heart a great joy to know that you are in the world and make it better by your presence, to say nothing of the good you do again and again, a good nourishing many, challenging us to do something beautiful that sometimes hurts in the best way: To think, and to feel, and then to act like it.

    Still learning,


  6. says

    Hallo, Robert. As always, my heart fills with happy to see you again. You do not owe me any sort of apology. I know you need to disappear frequently, but please note there is an endless thread here, where you can say anything at all, as much or little as you feel at the moment.

  7. dakotagreasemonkey says

    Desert Son,
    I am very pleased to hear from you. Thanks! I’m glad that you are in a place where you can see the stars, and know that wherever you’re at, it is beautiful.
    Prairie winds, non-Incandecent, Non-Flourescent, Non LED lit skies, is in reality, NORMAL. I can see the light pollution from 50 miles away, no matter which direction I go.
    I heard a pack of Coyotes, hunting the other morning, that was music!, though I wished none of the Pheasants and rabbits (that I know Live here), were caught.
    Just one of the anomalies of living a natural life.
    T’anke, Desert Son

  8. busterggi says

    Apparently Hitler didn’t commit suicide -- he changed his hair & his name and escaped to the USA.

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