No Credibility: The Regime in a Nutshell.

Melania Trump. CREDIT: AP/Alex Brandon.

“I wish Melania would really take this on. There’s no way that she can,” Parry Aftab, founder of WiredSafety, told the Globe. “She can’t. It won’t work. There’s no credibility.”

Think Progress has an article up about the so-called initiative of the queen, er, first tyrantess (yes, yes, I know, deal with it), which was supposed to be all about cyberbullying, with a particular focus on children and social media. The above quote says it all, really. No Credibility covers the whole clown show of the current regime. Not only has there been no move by the first tyrantess to do one damn thing, how on earth could anyone take her seriously, when she defended the Tiny Tyrant’s bullying on Twitter? Something to the effect that “if you hit at Donny, he hits back 10 times harder.” That’s hardly the sentiment of someone who is anti-bullying. It is the sentiment of someone who stands firmly behind a bully, with nary a shrug as long as it results in them getting what they want.

This is yet one more small item in a sea of them which shores up Ms. Tyrantess’s role in things. She is not a victim, in any way. She’s a woman with agency, who has made various decisions in her life, and she obviously quite likes the life she has at the moment, and shows no desire whatsoever to go rocking the boat now. This is why there won’t be any retraction of her various defenses of bullying on the part of the Tiny Tyrant; if there’s any attempt at such, it will be a mouthful of mush which evades any actual apology or responsibility. I suspect she came up with cyberbullying as a focus because she couldn’t think of anything else, and had to say something. I have no doubt she now regrets it, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if her focus undergoes a change in the coming days.

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    What actual interest has she ever shown in doing anything?

    That whole thing was probably cooked up by The Office of The First Lady so that they’d have something to do.

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    What actual interest has she ever shown in doing anything?

    From what I’ve seen, being a mother. She seems to be entirely wrapped up in her kid, pretty much to the exclusion of everything else. Outside of that, no idea.

    I don’t think the cyberbullying thing is anything she has strong feelings about; she was being pressed for an answer by reporters early on, and most first ladies decide on a platform during the campaign process, just in case, y’know. I read an interview with Michelle Obama some time back, and she talked about how helpful Laura Bush was to her, telling her that until you’re there, you just don’t know, and can’t be prepared. Michelle Obama then reached out to Melania Trump, with the same gracious offer, but it was turned down. So, she’s been altogether unprepared, and so far, it’s a job she hasn’t shown a great deal of interest in.

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