1. says

    The map, Araschnia levana f. prorsa, a beautiful butterfly with fascinating life story -- the coloration of the wings is dependent on the length of the day during which the caterpillar feeds.

    And a young female Great Green Bush-Cricket Tettigonia viridissima, a fiersome predator. As a child I was actually bitten by one of these after I caught it in my hand.

    I too was hiking today for four hours with my camera and my lenses in my new camera back-pack, until my battery run out of juice. Maybe i will be able to salvage some usable pictures in there. Unfortunately I am still trying to figure out how that damn thing works and the damn critters are uncooperative. And there was an awfull little of them, maybe due to weather.

  2. kestrel says

    The Bush-Cricket does indeed look fearsome! Thanks, Charly, for telling us about these insects.

    I love the last photo, the focus on it is perfect and lends mystery to the shot.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    Giliell @ 3

    Gorgeous pictures! Love the level of detail of the bush-cricket. And the blackness of the butterfly is dramatic.

    One GT may have made the hand more steady. AFAIK, in target-shooting sports alcohol is banned as a performance-enhancing drug. Somebody told me in the sauna the other day that the first time Finnish athletes were caught using doping was target-shooters using alcohol.

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