None So Blind As The Faithful.

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The willful blindness of some people never ceases to baffle me. I’m not much a one for taking things on faith, and I never take any politician on faith of any kind. Politics being what they are, an arena for game playing, with rewards for lying and other duplicitous behaviour, it strikes me as pure folly to rely on faith in the words of any politician, and in particular when it comes to someone like Trump. I’m not overly inclined to being sympathetic to Trumpholes, but it’s difficult to not have compassion for those who feel betrayed as result of their blind faith in a person who did not deserve it in any way. The best they can do now is to get damn active in The Resistance, and try to atone for boosting the Tiny Tyrant into place.

An upstate New York man who sold many of his possessions last year to fund a months-long tour playing music at Trump rallies now regrets his vote for the Republican candidate.

“I had everything riding on the fact that he was going to make things better,” Kraig Moss told the Associated Press. “He lied to me.”

Then-candidate Donald Trump looked Moss in the eye at one rally in Iowa and told the grieving father he would help end the drug epidemic that had claimed his 24-year-old son, whose ashes accompanied the truck driver to 45 rallies.

“He promised me, in honor of my son, that he was going to combat the ongoing heroin epidemic,” Moss said. “He got me hook, line and sinker.”

Post-election analyses found that Trump over-performed in Rust Belt counties ravaged by public health crises — such as drug and alcohol addiction and suicide — but the president’s budget released this week slashes funding for addiction treatment, research and prevention.

Medicaid funding would shrivel under Trump’s 10-year plan, which could devastate coverage to an estimated three in 10 adults addicted to opioids.


Trump promised during the campaign and after his election to help families suffering from the opioid epidemic — but his voters feel betrayed by the president’s focus on tax cuts, military spending and border security.

“I didn’t see this coming,” said Paul Kusiak, of Massachusetts, who told Trump the candidate about his sons’ successful battles with addiction. “I’m trying desperately to have hope and take the president at his word.”


“Inside I’m screaming,” said Sandra Chavez, of Sacramento, whose son died from an infection related to drug use. “We’re going backward with Donald Trump’s plan.”

Trump has proposed cutting funds for addiction research, prevention programs, drug courts and prescription drug monitoring, as well as eliminating support for training of addiction professional.

Justin Butler, a 36-year-old Trump voter from Cleveland, fears he will be back on the streets, using drugs and selling them, if Medicaid stops paying for addiction treatment.

“He’s turning his back on people,” Butler said. “He’s a liar.”

It’s one hell of a harsh lesson, and none of these people, in spite of voting for Trump, deserves to be tossed aside like so much trash. None of us deserve that. That said, as noted earlier, being sorry isn’t enough. Regretful Trump voters need to channel that disappointment and betrayal into working for The Resistance, and to now work to get the Tiny Tyrant unseated.

Via Raw Story. There’s a similar story, about a Trump voter who is completely dependent on SSI, finding out she most likely will not have that anymore under the Tiny Tyrant.


  1. The Mellow Monkey says

    Gosh. It’s terrible what happens when you vote for the Leopards Eating People Faces party. Who could have foreseen this?

  2. says

    I know. When people say something like that, I just want to smack them, and yell “what in the fuck did you think was going to happen?”

    Too many times, I’ve heard “but I voted for him because he’s not a politician!”. Yeah. He was a dishonest, sleazy, corrupt real estate con. So much better. And, the second someone enters politics, guess what? Politician.

    I do end up feeling a bit bad, because many of these people are desperate, but holy fuck, it’s hard to excuse such blind voting against your own interest.

  3. says

    Why does anybody still support Trump? It’s all about Allegiance To The Big Man. The Angry Cheeto’s homeboys have bought what the Cheeto was selling—they’re mainlining the Cheeto’s Kool-Aid—and they are not going to change their minds.

    For the Cheeto’s supporters, Trump is the Savior, Trump is The Man Who Can Make America Great Again, Trump is the god-emperor clothed in living human flesh. Ask the Cheeto’s supporters, and they’ll tell you that Trump would never lie, never fail, never betray anyone who has given Trump their allegiance! Trump can do no wrong; he can only be wronged by The Hateful Enemy.

    For the Cheeto’s supporters, it’s all about Us vs Them. Trump is very much Us, and We are never wrong, never at fault. So if things are shitty, obviously it’s all the fault of Them, and the sooner They are expunged from any & all positions of power, the better.

  4. says

    Anybody else notice the dynamic of parents/relatives of addicts voting for Trump? It’s their loving relatives who voted to make things worse. It’s not even so much “even Trump voters don’T deserve this” but “Idiots voting to hurt others”.
    Now, I’ve had enough addicts in my life to understand their desperation*, but I’m pretty much out of sympathy for people who yeah, voted for the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party.

    *That’s why I also don’T buy into the “it’s not your business what other people do with their bodies” rhetoric when it comes to drugs.

  5. Raucous Indignation says

    No one from New York State can claim surprise that Trump lied. For foof’s sake, that’s all he does. Our local news has been awash with his lies and corruption and sleaze for DECADES!! I feel for the rest of the country; they may only know him as that idiot on that stupid show and his stupid book, but No ONE from NY can claim that ignorance.

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