1. rq says

    The little pink hands are a bit creepy. All they’re missing are opposable thumbs, though I doubt that holds them back much.

  2. says

    Aaw, they aren’t creepy. They have little ‘thumb’ stubs. Quite pronounced in some rats, but no, the lack of opposable thumbs doesn’t impede them in any way at all.

  3. kestrel says

    You can see what a serious undertaking that is. It requires concentration to be done properly.

  4. stellatree says

    Ah, I think their little paws are so cute! I like how human-adjacent they are. It’s interesting how they provoke such different reactions in people.
    Caine, all your rats look so happy and well loved. You really capture their individuality in your photos. Thanks for these posts, the news is so terrible lately and I find these sweet critters so soothing.

  5. says

    Stellatree, welcome. Chester was a favourite. I know you aren’t supposed to have them, but, he was a sweetheart, and a clown prince, he loved to play, and he loved being chased and tickled. Also a cuddlebug. He was one of 5, all identical: Oliver, Theo, Neville, Chester, and Dexter. Looked exactly like Daddy Sam.

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