1. rq says

    Holy shit that’s bright!
    I can see All The Pollen, too -- may the bees be healthy this year (unsure about that, myself -- the ones out in the country didn’t do too well, but our neighbours in town still have theirs, so we’re unlikely to see any negative effects of a smaller population, except maybe less honey from the neighbours).

  2. says

    It was tilted and staring right into the sun, I could hardly have asked for a better pose! So far, we are woefully short on bees. I remember years past when the fields of dandelions would be covered with them, and you could drowse to the hum of all the bees.

  3. kestrel says

    In the first photo, the stamens are like hands raised up in praise to the sun.

  4. voyager says

    Gosh, what a riot of colours. My neighbour’s tulips are up now too, but I haven’t seen many bees either yet. Not even at her tulip tree which has always been a popular spot for them. I keep hoping they’re just staying home because it’s turned cold.

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