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    Aah, that’s better. All that with a camera about the same size as a pack of playing cards, and it’s not even the latest model. (Canon PowerShot SX600 HS if anyone’s interested.) I’d love to have the SLR along for days like this but it’s hard to imagine it swinging off my hip as I ride along.

  2. kestrel says

    @Lofty nice work! These are great. And you know, they do make backpacks for photography equipment… maybe easier (depending on what you are riding -- donkey? Horse? Bicycle?) but still a pain because you have to dig it out. Those tiny cameras are really awesome.

    I’d like to ask your permission to attempt to paint #2… if that is not OK with you do not hesitate to say so! (Just got some new paint, trying to learn how to use it.) I’ve always loved seaside pics.

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    @Kestrel, I ride a mountain bike, although these days very few mountains feature on my rides as my knees are no longer willing. Never been fond of back packs because of the huge amount of sweat I generate. However now that I know that this spot is easily accessible by car I might go back with the SLR and the partner, who doesn’t ride a bike any more.
    Anyway, feel free to paint from the picture, I’d be honoured that you thought it worthwhile. I’ve never had the patience to learn to paint and have only just got back into photography with some modestly priced gear.

  4. Kengi says

    Gorgeous landscape photos! What a beautiful place for a ride.

    Little point-and-shoots are great for scenery shots. I used them for many years, especially when bicycle riding. I really loved the Canon PowerShot line and went through several models over the years. When I got my current camera which was larger than those great little PowerShots, I added a small handlebar basket to the bike and got a padded case for the camera. I have a tripod that folds up very small, so it gets added under the seat extending back over the rear rack held on with big twisty tie-downs (and cushioned with a little foam).

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    Looks pretty windy overall. The trees in background seem to grow in slanted position. Either that, or a very strong wind was just blowing from the seaside.

  6. kestrel says

    @Lofty: Thank you! I will do my best with it. And your photography is lovely!

  7. voyager says

    Thanks for sharing. Your photos are just the perfect tonic for a cold, wet and windy day here.

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    @Charly, yes this is normally a very windy coast. There is no land directly between here and the Antarctic continent. The day of the shot however was dull and overcast and dead calm. As I was eating my lunch on the clifftop seat the sun came out in that direction and revealed the headland (called “King Head” on the map). You can see the shadow line in the first two pictures. There are more pictures of the area if you google the location “Petrel Cove”. A very popular long distance walking trail called the Heysen Trail starts in this district and runs along the rocky coast visible in the shot.

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