1. Ice Swimmer says

    That blue is still so vibrant!

    As I’m writing this snow is falling, this time rather heavily. There has been some light snowing all through the day mixed with sunshine.

  2. says

    What flowers are these? I want to have them…

    As I’m writing this snow is falling

    We’ve been promised rain all day. As it turns out it was just enough to keep us from eating outdoors but nowhere near enough for the plants.

  3. says

    Descent of Night is finished, and I took it out for a photo, because overcast is good light for that sort of thing, and barely set up and it started raining. No photos today.

  4. rq says

    Snow here, too. But the storks have returned, and if you go outside after dark, there’s the sound of wild geese everywhere.

    I don’t know in English, but in Latin they’re Hepatica nobilis -- oh look, kidneywort. They’re the #1 sign of spring here, these and snowdrops and starlings. Also they’re a lot more violet in real life, my phone camera just captures this brilliant deep shade of sapphire, I love it.

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    Ah, that’s sinivuokko, in Finnish blue anemone, Sini and Vuokko are also women’s names here. Also the police is sometimes called sinivuokot (plural) due to their blue uniforms.

    The colour misled me, as you said, it’s more violet in the nature. The “fictionalized” colour makes for vivid pictures.

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