“Even Hitler Didn’t Sink To Using Chemical Weapons”

Tucker Viemeister.

“Someone as despicable as Hitler didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons,”

So said one Sean Spicer. To date, the stupidity has already been excruciatingly difficult to bear, but this? Really? When asked for clarification, Spicer stated that Hitler never used gas on his own citizens, so y’know, all those German Jews? Guess they weren’t German. Or citizens. Jesus Fuck. The internet at large is already busy tearing Spicer apart.

Initial Story, Spicer Gets Eaten Alive.


  1. says

    I’m hoping for pure stupid, because otherwise, it’s just evil. Oh, also, unless you want to read about him blathering on over holocaust “centers”, don’t click the links. Bonus: the idiot tweeted about the Passover supper at the white house today.

  2. Kengi says

    We know it can’t be antisemitism because they let Ivanka and Jared use the White House bathrooms!

  3. Athywren - not the moon you're looking for says

    I’d be willing to believe ignorance. Given that Hitler is just a reflexive [bad thing] placeholder term for many people, and historical literacy is increasingly downplayed, it becomes easy, when playing Cards Against Humanity, Political History Edition, to say Hitler never used chemical weapons or that Stalin once ate a baby with tartar sauce.
    Wouldn’t let him off for it because of that, though.
    I don’t think ignorance of the evils of history is a good enough justification for accidentally denying them. Not least because it’d give extremist misophiles an excuse to hide behind whenever they want to do that sort of thing.

  4. says

    No one who is an official spokespiece for the *president* of a country should be that ignorant, full fucking stop. I don’t accept that in any way. (I know you don’t either, Athywren, I’m just aghast by this.)

  5. Saad says

    I don’t understand how he gets dressed by himself, he’s so stupid.

    C’mon… that’s very splash damagy…

  6. says

    What infuriates me no end is all the people defending Spicer, “that’s not what he meant”, “he bungled it”, and so on, they completely miss the point. So do a lot of people who are angry about this.

    It doesn’t matter that the first four times weren’t what Spicer meant, and it doesn’t matter that he didn’t deny the holocaust. What does matter here is Spicer’s intent. The intent, no matter how you slice it, comes down to one thing: what Spicer wanted to do was make the point that Assad was worse than Hitler, in order to defend the pointless airstrike.

    And trying to do that makes the ignorance/bungling/wtfever absolutely pointless, and takes us right back to evil asshole who thought “oh, we have a villain worse than Hitler, I can make Trump look sooooo good!”

  7. Czech American says

    Every once in a while, I worry that I am becoming too jaded to be properly outraged. Then something like this happens.

  8. says

    Spicer is technically correct if you believe genocide is different from war. Hitler and the allies agreed not to use chemical weapons on the battlefield. What the usual suspects (normies) are saying is that the gas in the chambers was a weapon. However, they call the holocaust genocide, not war. So make up your minds. Was it genocide or was it war. I’m quite happy to see the gas as a weapon if you’re willing to admit genocide is just an emotive synonym for war.

    I’ve had enough of you, Cupcake. Don’t you have a war to fight over the horrible removal of male primary erogenous zones? Banned. -Caine.

  9. lumipuna says

    Genocide can be pursued by war or other means. Weapons can be used outside of warfare. I don’t personally really care if gas in chambers counts as weapon or drug or both.

  10. Saad says

    Lawrence has hit all the standard white* atheist asshole notes in the span of a few minutes.

    * looks like a duck…

  11. rq says

    They’re so off-key they grate on the ears anyway, good riddance.
    (It’s good to know that that knife isn’t a weapon because it wasn’t used for war, but just an ordinary murder. Also I really don’t get it, I’m pretty sure genocide often (but maybe not always?) occurs in relation to a war of some kind or another -- war on drugs, war on a certain class of people, civil war, just plain war… Anyway. Enough of that sad old violin.)

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