Pye, Take Two.

Pye came back, and this time I got the glare which translates to “Oh. I remember you. Annoying.” He did allow me many shots today though. And his permission helped me to defocus on the crazy making pain of the torn muscles/cracked rib/wtfever I’ve done to myself. Click for full size!











© C. Ford.


  1. voyager says

    Beautiful bird. Thanks for sharing. You’ve inspired me to get out of bed today and tell my pain to go fuck off. I am going for a walk. I hope you can find a bubble of relief today.

  2. says

    I hope you enjoy your walk, Voyager! Here’s hoping for a bubble for both of us. Pain is making me crazy today.

  3. rq says

    Hello, Pye! I’m loving the faces in 5 and 7 (the side-wing here, too).

    Hope all pain subsides and improves for both of you, voyager and Caine!

  4. kestrel says

    That is really cool. We’ve had juncos here that had the odd white markings on them like that. But this guy is really beautiful.

  5. jimb says

    johnson catman @ 5:

    He is really giving you “the stare” in #5!

    That’s an “annoyed” look if I’ve ever seen one. Great photo, Caine.

    (I want to print it, mount it on a stick, and have it available to put in front of my face whenever anyone says/does something annoying. Way better than any face I could make. :-))

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