1. StevoR says

    Great photos. Love the sunset / rise one especially. Plus the first one with the bird amiid thye crossed stems. Beautiful and very nicely done.

    The fourth image looks like Onion weed / Three Cornered Garlic / Allium triquetrum to me :

    An edible and quite attractive aromatic invasive species here in South Oz. Its petal shave some really appealing green stripes inside them but it is a bit of a problem causing plant.

  2. says

    The purple flower is an “Elven Crocus”, no garlic I’m afraid.

    The last pic shows my work in progress, terracing the garden strips. It’s not that clear from the pics, but they difference in height is some 2,50 m so the rain always washes everything down. There’s a much larger strip to the right of the stairs, but I’m afraid I won’t manage that this year.

  3. quotetheunquote says

    Very nice, thanks for giving us some hope! (S. Canada is relatively warm at the moment, for February, but flowers are still some way off in the future).

    Re: #2: I have a similar erosion problem on one side of the house, am trying to control it with plantings, with limited success. What is the material you’re using for the verticals?

  4. rq says

    Dammit, everyone’s getting snowdrops before me. :(
    Great pictures, the sunset is pretty awesome but I like the little blue tit.

  5. says

    Well, Spring is on its way, it will come.
    It’s a sunrise, actually.

    Those planting rings are concrete coloured red. I’m not knowledgeable enough to know how exactly they’re made, they’re like little concrete pebbles glued together so they’Re only damn heavy, not fucking damn heavy. They’Re pretty popular in Germany for such purposes. I’ll anchor them occasionally with some steel.

  6. says

    If that terrace is facing south, it would be ideal for strawberies.
    And beautifull blue tit, the cutest bird ever! Little coloured plush ball hopping in trees…

  7. says

    It’s facing mostly west, so it gets enough sunlight. The previous owners had strawberries in those areas and the plan is to use the stones for flowers, herbs and yes, strawberries. The stones keep some additional heat that gives things a boost.
    I’m afraid we don’t do “facing South”, which is why we can’t use solar.

  8. kestrel says

    So, so beautiful. I need to remember to check and see if my crocuses are up yet. Love the terracing!

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