1. Ice Swimmer says

    Fine pictures of a fine bird. Love the slight hoar frost.

    In Finnish, they’re called punatulkku (puna is a short/noun form for the word for red, punainen). In Swedish, they’re called domherre (a Swedish word for a Catholic canon).

  2. says

    In Czech this bird is called “hýl” pronounced like english “heel”. AFAIK that word has no other meaning than this bird.

    A read somewhere (I cannot remember where) that before canaries, budgerigars and parrots became popular, these were very highly prized as pet birds, because of their plumage, ability to learn songs when reared, and their affectionate behaviour towards humans. They still can be bought as pet birds.

    I was itching to get a shot of one of these ever since I bought new camera.

  3. rq says

    These are beautiful! Can’t remember if it’s this bird or something similar that we have here, it’s very shy and rarely comes to the feeder, but it’s glorious when it does. Lovely shots!

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