1. Ice Swimmer says

    The stone tower in the first is the bell tower of (the Evangelical-Lutheran) Kallio Church (65 m high, 94 m from sea level), the (loud) bells of which play a tune composed by Jean Sibelius. Also one of the places where male eagle-owls like to hoot in the night time, in the hope of attracting a partner. The church is about 500 -- 700 m east of Linnunlaulu (for an eagle-owl, the walking distance is about twice that.)

    The second is a view from Linnunlaulu, to the northwest over Töölönlahti. The big white building is the Opera House of Finnish National Opera and Ballet from 1993. Originally in place of the Opera House, there was a sugar mill at the same site, which polluted Töölönlahti 1822–1965.

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