Drowning in Winter.

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© C. Ford.

To end on a bright note, Hekuni Cat always sends the best cards. The wild rabbits on property haven’t figure out hair dryers, but they are absolute savages when it comes to our little sumac tree over winter.



  1. rq says

    That card is awesome.
    And we’re entering a nice series of blizzards, too. All of today, all of tonight (supposedly extra-blizzrdy) and all of tomorrow, plus a cold front, so temperatures dropping overnight down to about -22 in select locations (we’ll be somewhere at the -15 mark, I think). I’m grateful it’s snowing before the freeze; spring should still be a nice green and growy affair. The kids and I went out to the store today to stock up a bit for a couple of days, but we missed out window -- we were inside for 15 minutes, and I came out, and it was like I’d left the car in the parking lot overnight, complete white-out conditions. But we have successfully crawled home at a snail’s pace.
    Good luck with your weather!

  2. says

    I’m happy that I am “stuck” in california for a couple days. I dread the ice-storm back at home; I hope my truck can make it back up the mountain when it’s time to go home.

  3. says


    I dread the ice-storm back at home;

    Oh fuck, I *hate* ice storms. We had one hit in April ‘010, and it took out over 1100 towers, wiped out power across the state. You should have seen the towers, too -- completely crumpled, like some gigantic whatsit came along and sat on them.

    Stay safe!

  4. Crimson Clupeidae says

    Ice storms/freezing rain is the worst. I’d rather drive on ‘normal’ snow anytime.

    KS had freezing rain on a regular basis, often, that’s all we’d get most of the winter.

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