High Disapproval.

1_1The Pew Research Center has a new report out, an 8 page report. Personally, I find it disturbing, because while disapproval of Trump is very high at the moment, the survey reflects a forlorn hope that somehow or another, actually being president will somehow make Trump okay at the job. That, or some people may be pinning their hope on Pence actually doing all the work, but that’s hardly good news. It would certainly be worse news for the queer community.

My point of view is that this just another example of American apathy swinging into place. “Well, he was elected, he’ll get better once he’s actually in office. That will tame him.” To that, I say the fuck it will. He’s already setting the stage for mass destruction, and he’s not in office yet. Why in the hell anyone would think it might be better once he gets in the white house is beyond me. For the zillionth time, he’s a conman, a known fraud. This is not news, and there are piles of evidence of his fraudulent practices littered all over the place. He is a compulsive liar and a sexual predator. Trump is an extreme narcissist, and he will not change once he has his feet under the presidential table.

I understand people wanting to pull some sort of protective shell around themselves, hell, if I had a bunker, I’d probably be in it by now, pretending none of this happened. It has happened though, and telling yourself little fairy stories about how it will somehow magically be alright – that won’t help. It won’t help you, it won’t help anyone else. We must all be brave, and stare reality in the face, eyes wide open, and fight back.

Pew Research Center Report in Full.



  1. Tethys says

    extreme narcissist

    I too keep having to pick my jaw off the floor at the apathetic responses to what I recognize as a dire threat. I think it has more to do with feeling powerless, and cognitive dissonance. Nobody enjoys knowing that the powerful people in charge will happily hurt you for their own enjoyment, so they simply refuse to believe it. . It’s the cycle of addiction and all isms. The enablers don’t recognize the abusive behavior as abnormal.

  2. says

    Yeah, that’s true. This whole thing is driving me close to the edge. I can’t figure out how I’m going to cope, let alone help others to do the same.

  3. Tethys says

    I have been coping by training up the secret baby feminist horde that appeared on FB on november 9th. 4 million members for the national group! Over 22K meek and quiet people right here in MN are learning how to fight trolls, debunk false narratives, shame their churches, and deluge the proper channels with their voices. I had no idea that this year we would get a real battle for the traditional season of the forces of the dark against the forces of light.

    They’ve done a great job with burner phones numbers and subversively reserving tickets to the victory rallies. I can’t wait to see how he likes the surprise that awaits him in WI.

  4. cubist says

    I’m not so sure that “compulsive liar” is an accurate description of the Angry Cheeto. I think he’s simply a pure bullshitter. Whereas a compulsive liar says untrue things as a matter of course, a bullshitter says whatever they damn well feel like, and any one of their utterances may or may not be true.

    This distinction matters largely (if not entirely) to those who are tryna deal with the Angry Cheeto in person. For people who are ‘merely’ tryna limit the horrifying consequences of the Cheeto’s policies, fucker always lies is probably a useful first-approximation theory.

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