No Mercy for Pope Francis.

AFP Photo/Luca Zennaro

AFP Photo/Luca Zennaro

All that glurgetastic love for Pope Frankie has dried up. I guess people aren’t so happy with him anymore, especially not the inhabitants of Trumpland.

Pope Francis has granted all priests the authority to forgive women who have had an abortion — and Fox News fans are furious.

The conservative news network tweeted out a report Monday morning that the pope had extended that power to priests, and not just bishops to forgive Catholics who had committed the “grave sin” of abortion.

“In the best interests of Catholicism a new Pope needs to be selected immediately. A Conservative this time not a Liberal.”

“Who does this asshole really think he is? Jesus Jr.?”

There’s more at Raw Story.


  1. says

    If he’s a liberal, I’m Beyonce!

    @Shiv: Ghengis Khan was liberal compared to the pope. Actually, the mongol empire was fairly open, and embraced a lot of diversity (within its framework) compared to catholicism. But, of course, like catholicism, if you pissed off the big cheese, you got a bit dead.

  2. blf says

    So anyone to the left of Genghis Khan is “liberal.”

    No, even Genghis Khan would be liberal. Islam dates back to c.800 CE, and his invasion of arabia was in c.1220. He and his invaders, et al., rather obviously didn’t “eliminate” Islam, hence he is a liberal. </snark>

    In actual fact, the Mongols of the day were quite tolerant of various religious beliefs. However, the Mongol invasion did coincide with, and was quite probably a cause of, the end of Islam’s “Golden Age”. And as Ye Pffft! of All Knowledge reminds me, “three of the four principal Mongol khanates embraced Islam. In power in Syria, Mesopotamia, Persia and further east, over the rest of the 13th century gradually all converted to Islam.”

  3. says

    “Who does this asshole really think he is? Jesus Jr.?”

    Uhm, sorry to break it to you, but that’s actually kind of his job description. He is literally god’s agent on earth and endowed weith the capability of speaking “ex cathedra”, from the seat of St. Peter.
    Dude, how come this never-christian atheist knows these things but’s you’re ignorant as fuck?

    Apart from that it’s nowadays good style for “good christians” to be much to the right of the catholic church. In Germany the parties that get the most criticism from bot catholic as well as Lutheran churches are those with the word “christian” in their name and the other one that wants to save the christian Occident from the godless muslims.

  4. Dunc says

    I don’t recall Jesus ever saying anything about abortion, but I’m sure he’s supposed to have said one or two things in favour of forgiveness…

  5. Saad says

    Pope Francis has granted all priests the authority to forgive women who have had an abortion

    There’s gotta be a word for this level of mansplainin.

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