1. blf says

    Start of Autumn 2 ?
    I didn’t know he were done with Autumn 1, or, for that matter, there were more than i Autumns per, ah, per, per, unit, yeah, that’s it, unit of, ah, something. Starts with an O, that’s Oh, the letter, not Nil, the digit. Oh something. Obituary? Ohm? Oslo? Seems about right, Oslo probably has a few Autumns to get ready for each Summer. And Winter. And other Autumns. And cheese, suggests the mildly deranged penguin, staring at a pile of MUSHROOMS!

    (Got it! It’s per unit of Oor Hamlet.)

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    My faves are the carp, the slightly open waterlily and the glassy looking snail.

    Beautiful pictures. The moistness, light and colours are autumnal.

  3. says

    Funny thing is that I only discovered the translucent body of the snail once I looked at the photo.
    The goldfish is a very special one. It used to live in a goldfish bowl, all alone and getting too big. So it got moved into my aunt’s garden pond. The little boy who owns it brought it there and under tears he released it. Now Nemo lives with the other goldfish and the boy comes to visit and brings treats.

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