Equal Pay: Denies Women Ability to Negotiate.

Rep. Tom McClintock appears at a debate (YouTube/screen grab)

Rep. Tom McClintock appears at a debate (YouTube/screen grab)

California Republican Rep. Tom McClintock recently cited $1/hour jobs and the “opportunity to negotiate” as reasons that women are better off without the protection of equal pay laws.

At a debate last week between McClintock and Dr. Bob Derlet, a Sonora Democrat, one voter brought up the topic of equal pay for women, and asked the Republican incumbent his daughter should make less than his son.

McClintock recalled that his “biggest break” had been when a local newspaper editor paid him a wage that worked out to about $1 per hour.

Yes, yes, and how many decades ago was that, Rep. Dinosaur? I can think back decades ago to what I was paid when I waited tables, and boy, you just don’t want to know how hard I had to work for next to nothing.  I made a whole $50.00 dollars a week, and was paid every two weeks. That wasn’t right then, and it sure as hell isn’t right now. Back then, the excuse for serving work wages was because tips. I think that one is still being used. And y’know, back then, there were a lot of old white men who thought a dime was a really generous tip. Fuck the good ol’ days. I was there, they weren’t all that. (I was there for one set of them, anyway.)


McClintock added that he did not want to “deny that opportunity to anyone, regardless of their gender, their age, their experience.”

“I believe that every person ought to have the freedom to negotiate terms that satisfactory to them and to their employer without some third party butting his nose into the transaction,” he opined. “That’s called freedom. It works and it’s time we put it back to work.”

No, that’s not freedom. It’s slavery, and it doesn’t work at all, except for people who already have enough wealth to ease their way through fifty lifetimes rather than one. Jesus Christ, everywhere you turn, there are these old, white men who just cannot cope unless everyone is forced to move backwards, backwards, backwards, undoing the generations of hard work people lived and died for, to make social progress. Please, put your pasty arse out to pasture, Sir, we do not need you.


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  1. rq says

    I think they’re just jealous that people younger than them are earning “more”, without realizing that that “more” gets you a whole lot less these days. “You’re making $7.50 an hour! That’s 7.5x more than I used to make! Why do you need $15, you greedy lazy kids?”

  2. Siobhan says

    Worth noting that the effect of women negotiating for fair salaries inevitably gets us branded as “bitches,” basically 100% of the time. Nothing ground my career to a faster halt than asking for a raise for running the most profitable operation in the company.

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