I do believe I’ll be rude.


Siobhan at Against the Grain has a post up about the latest anti-transgender peoples campaign of yet another conservative, bigoted, paranoid Christian group. They are all ‘family’ something or other, this one is Family Policy Alliance. I’ll just go with Fapa. Fapa apparently thinks they are oh-so-brilliant, with their latest attempt to spread bigotry, hate, and fear: they want people to ask them for permission to pee, or whatever else they plan to do in the lav. They have a website, full of women boo-hooing over the possibility that male genitals might be lurking behind a closed door. Well, maybe full isn’t the right word. They are soliciting stories, though! I’m rude enough to suggest that all manner of people send stories in – there really isn’t a rule the story has to be a hateful piece of bigotry, it’s just an expectation. They have a hashtag on twitter, which isn’t going that well for them. I think the Fapa should be completely drowned out. I can think of all kinds of things I’d apply #AskMeFirst to in the case of conservative, hateful, immoral Christians. I bet everyone else can, too.

Personally, I think it would be grand if every person of this particular persuasion had to #AskMeFirst if it was alright for them to continually try to legislate hate. Naturally, once they got their no, it would expected of them to take that answer gracefully and respectfully.

Ah, that was a nice fantasy, wasn’t it?

I think it’s time for people to get quite rude, in the nicest way possible, of course.

Via Against the Grain.


  1. says

    Now that I think on it, they specifically want stories about horrible experiences in lavs or locker rooms and so on. It wouldn’t take much imagination for people to flood the site with stories a la Dear Penthouse…

    “I never thought this would happen to me…” Hee.

  2. Athywren - not the moon you're looking for says

    Ooh, horrible experiences in lavs? I’ve got one of those. I went in to the men’s public bathroom -- because there’s no unisex one -- to sort my hair out after the wind and the rain had had their fun. About half way through, some guy bursts through the door, slams into one of the stalls and locks the door. Seconds later, oh god! It’s biological warfare! BLARGH!

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